Senior Manager – Sales & Marketing – Printing (5-12 yrs) Mumbai (Sales Management) | Jobs in India |
Senior Manager – Sales & Marketing – Printing (5-12 yrs) Mumbai (Sales Management) | Jobs in India |
Job title: Senior Manager - Sales & Marketing - Printing (5-12 yrs) Mumbai (Sales Management)
Expected salary
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Location New Delhi, Delhi
Job date Wed, 04 Nov 2020 04:07:51 GMT

Job description: - Salary 30000 - 50000 PF ESIC- Shift 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Sunday off- Graduation- 5 yrs experience as Sales / Business Development in Printing mandatory- Age 24 - 40yrsJob Description:Role: Senior Sales & Marketing ManagerDuties & Responsibilities to be carried by you as a Marketing Manager on daily basis.:1. Reporting time in the office is maximum by 10:00 am.2. Must know the group of companies and work carried out by them. Our Group of Companies is KING OF KINGS PRINTERS PVT. LTD.3. You have to build up and maintain your clientele list, new as well as clients given by the company to do follow up for new jobs and payments.4. You have to report the immediate Director / CEO / Head on daily basis by E-mail or Written (Computer Typed) duly signed.5. Sales Target of Rs. 3,00,00,000 (Rupees. Three Crore only) will be done by Ms. Krishna Sravani in span of one year; i.e. Rs. 25 Lakhs per month6. On Saturday evening after 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm no meetings should be kept with clients unless and until it is urgent or important. It has to be informed to Director / CEO, so they will not wait for your presence.7. Weekly meeting on Saturday evening with Director / CEO / Head and finalise further 1 week planning or any marketing related problems, duly signed by Director / CEO only. If coming Saturday is holiday then Friday evening or Monday Morning as per your meetings with client.8. If you have a direct meeting with client next day, then it should be informed to Director / CEO, failing which would be considered as half day or absent.9. All the enquiries should be shown to Director / CEO along with the communication taken place with the client.10. All the estimates should be signed and approved by Director / CEO.11. Any jobs would be entertained only if valid and confirmed Purchase Order is there with CD or Artwork.12. You have to maintain proper documentation of individual client and should be filed properly year wise and any order / job / tender relevant documents provided should be in the file, in form of Hard Copy.13. Machine proof printing or any trial for particular job should be committed only after permission from Director / CEO or else job will be not entertained or will be a form of deduction from the salary and also a brief explanation in written duly signed, should be given to Director / CEO.14. Any difficulty in pitching the client or in working should be mentioned to next immediate authority and or to the management in writing.15. If no reporting to the management in writing and no improvement in performance after continuous being informed by the Director / CEO will be treated as person is not interested in working with the company anymore and will be asked to leave the job with immediate effect or increment for the next consecutive year would be not allowed as per management's discretion.16. Any details or contacts of client are the property of Company and reserve rights to contact them directly in case of your absenteeism or any work related to accounts or payments. If, any work / job is outsourced without the permission from Director / CEO would be considered as cheating with the company and would be treated accordingly.17. You are not allowed to do any kind of extra job or commission basis orders during your work period in Company. If found doing so without informing company then job amount or 1 salary will be deducted as a penalty for cheating the company or serious action will taken.18. To bring the payment from client for any job or proofing done is the sole responsibility of marketing personnel.19. It is your responsibility to collect and gather all the details of client like payment terms, genuine in market for clearing the payments, yearly turnover from particular clients, etc. and give it to the Director / CEO for record and better understanding of company about the client so that company can provide relevant liberties to deal with the client.20. On deciding to leave the company minimum 45 Days Notice should be given to Director / CEO, in which no leave or absenteeism will be allowed. If you are enjoying any benefits from company regarding leaves, then such leaves will be trictly not allowed.21. During Notice Period, you will be not going in market for making new clients but instead, will clear all the pending payments from client as a part of their liability, on failing, amount would be recovered from their salary and will be reimbursed once payment is received from that client.22. All the details of clients like - name, address, contact person and contact numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. has to be handed over to company (


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