The government has decided to introduce the National Cadet Corps (NCC) as a general elective subject in technical institutions and universities. It has decided to roll out NCC as a subject to motivate students to join NCC in order to be disciplined and instil in them feelings of patriotism. The NCC General Elective Credit Course will be available from the academic year 2021-2022. Students who enrol for NCC will benefit by obtaining academic credits for NCC training in addition to acquiring NCC "B" and "C" certificates. The subject will also enhance employment opportunities.

NCC To Be Elective Subject

NCC Elective Subject Course Details

  • The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a General Elective Credit Course as per National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 under the Choice Based Credit System.
  • The course will be available in all universities and autonomous colleges across India which are currently having NCC troops or companies.
  • NCC general elective credit course design summary consists of six semesters.
  • Students who enrol for NCC will immensely benefit by obtaining academic credits for NCC training in addition to acquiring NCC "B""C" certificates, thus enhancing their employment opportunities.
  • Students as cadets will be able to avail employment incentives and benefits offered under various central and state govt schemes to NCC cadets.

NCC Syllabus: List of Subjects

NCC Theory Subjects NCC Training Subjects
NCC General NCC General
National Integration and Awareness National Integration
Personality Development Drill
Leadership Weapon Training
Disaster Management Personality Development
Social Service & Community Development Leadership
Adventure Disaster Management
Environmental Awareness & Conservation Social Service & Community Development
General Awareness Health & Hygiene
Border & Coastal Areas Adventure
Armed Forces Environmental Awareness & Conservation
Infantry Weapons Obstacle Training
Communications General Awareness
Military History Border & Coastal Areas

NCC Specialized Subjects

  • Armed Forces
  • Map Reading
  • Communications
  • Infantry Weapons
  • Field Craft & Battle Craft
  • Military History

The official notice reads, "Ministry of Education (then MHRD) in 2015 decided to implement the decision and UGC 2016 also issued circular to all universities to implement the aforesaid decision taken. However, somehow it could not be implemented then."

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