Mobisy – Associate – Content Marketing/Content Management (2-4 yrs) Bangalore (Marketing & Public Relations) | Jobs in India |
Mobisy – Associate – Content Marketing/Content Management (2-4 yrs) Bangalore (Marketing & Public Relations) | Jobs in India |
Job title: Mobisy - Associate - Content Marketing/Content Management (2-4 yrs) Bangalore (Marketing & Public Relations)
Expected salary
Location Bangalore, Karnataka
Location New Delhi, Delhi
Job date Thu, 21 Jan 2021 08:45:12 GMT

Job description: We are looking for a Content Marketing Manager who has a nose for transformative stories, and skills to showcase Bizom's impact. You'll create long and short-form content, marketing collaterals and videos, distribute them in the right channels, and track their performance.You will work with the Head of Content & PR, and collaborate with the marketing team to help build the brand and thought leadership for Bizom.Location - BangaloreCompany Size - 200Roles and Responsibilities :- Research industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews and studies)- Develop content that is accurate and engaging. - Accurately understand & represent what we do as an organization using text, image and video-based content. - Enable broad reach, and readership for content using social and digital marketing to drive leads, subscribers and brand awareness- Manage freelancers and publish grammatically correct, SEO-compliant content- Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images and tone)- Assist in video production and distribution- Maintain dashboards to track content, including videos, newsletters, blog posts, white papers etc.- Manage mailing listsRequirements:- A passion for language and grammar, and a journalistic bent of mind - Ability to make research-based tech/business topics easy to understand, engaging and human - Ability to network with media to enable distribution of content - High quality spoken and written English skills- Ability to collaborate with internal customers - Portfolio of published articles- Keen desire to learn new content platforms What's in it for you:- A ring side view into the workings of a rapidly growing, award-winning startup- A fun workplace with friendly, interesting colleagues, a table tennis table and free lunch.About MobisyMobisy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a high-growth, VC funded tech company that's transforming the retail supply ecosystems in several markets including India, Africa, the Middle East and Europe through its product, Bizom. Mobisy is one of the top 10 tech startups in India (according to YourStory) and was included in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India three times in a row. But what we really take pride in is our 300+ enterprise customers and hundreds of thousands of users loving our products and telling the world about it. Customers high ratings to Mobisy on Gartner (4.6 on 5) indicate we are the most loved solution among them.Mobisy's Culture of Algorithmic Jugaad :When we sat down to think about our culture, we could just come up with two words - Algorithmic Jugaad- . It's so famous now, we had to trademark it !! To explain it briefly, Jugaad as you know stands for frugal innovation done at periphery. Algorithms are all about structured process oriented thinking. We understood that part of the reason we are a fast growing and successful company was that we could blend those 2 elements in the right proportion. We also put algorithms in our customers jugaads.. 🙂 . Some of our colleagues who joined from corporates admit that Mobisy has put some jugaads in their single track algorithmic thinking. In Mobisy you will see entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinking all around. At least 1 out of 3 of us has built at least 1 startup of their own each !!We take ownership of our work and aim high. We are given the freedom to take risks and solve problems wherever they may see it. In other words, entrepreneurial innovation is the norm in Mobisy.Values that Mobisy stands for :- People first : We believe in working with great people who we believe build great products / process which eventually lead to profits- Entrepreneurship : See a problem, make it your own, solve it.- Teamwork : As a fast growing company, we realized that we need to work as a great team rather than just a team of great individuals.- Innovation : No idea is crazy or stupid, come up with as many as you can and actively seek feedback to further improve.The Retail Intelligence platform :Bizom, Mobisy's flagship product, is the retail intelligence platform for brands and their retailers.We are leaders in providing insights and intelligence to CPG brands in India and emerging markets and are now making inroads into markets in Europe and other developed markets. We help brands achieve smart distribution by improving their manpower efficiency, channel performance and product performance. We achieve this by helping businesses first digitize their entire sales and supply chain and later help the move from a push based distribution to a pull based distribution using solutions that facilitate assisted and inspired selling. Read more at (


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