India's first Digital University was inaugurated at Mangalapuram near Thirubanthpuram in Kerala. It was established by upgrading the two-decade-old Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala (IIITM-K) as "Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology". Explore all about Digital University Kerala.

India's First Digital University Kerala

Digital University Kerala: List of Courses Offered

  • Post Doctoral Programmes
  • Doctoral Programmes: 1. Regular 2. Industry Regular Programmes 3. Integrated Programmes 4. Part-time Programmes
  • Post Graduate Programmes: 1. M.Tech Programmes 2. M.Sc Programmes
  • Diploma Programme: e-governance
  • Certificate Programmes

List of Schools in Digital University Kerala

  • School of Computer Science and Engineering
  • School of Digital Humanities and Liberal Arts
  • School of Digital Sciences
  • School of Electronic Systems and Automation
  • School of Informatics

The official website reads, "The new University will strive to be an international benchmark in conducting cutting edge research and nurturing budding minds in center for promoting and implementing modern technological interventions in disruptive technologies."

It also reads, "The University is aiming to create capacity building in post-graduate and doctoral level in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things, Electronic Systems and Automation, Imaging Technologies, Data Analytics and Big Data, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Ecological Informatics, Geospatial Analytics etc."

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