Twenty-two students from 2 schools in Karnataka have been tested COVID-19 positive. The two schools- one in Kalaburagi, and the other in B Narayanapura in Bengaluru were sealed for seven days. This is the first time that the schools in Karnataka were sealed after classes resumed for Grades 6 and above. The schools in Karnataka reopened from 01 January 2021 for Classes 10 and 12 after closure for more than 10 months due to the pandemic.

Karnataka: 22 School Kids Test Covid-19 Positive

In Kalaburagi, 15 students were tested positive for the virus. According to Dr. Rajashekhar Maali, District Health and Family Welfare Officer, throat swabs of 20 students were collected on March 1st out of which 15 students tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Meanwhile, throat swabs of around 174 school staff including students, teachers, and cooks were collected on March 2nd, the report for which is expected on today evening.

According to the DHO, the students have attended a wedding ceremony on February 26 at Bedasur Tanda where some Mumbai returnees were also present due to which the students may have been infected. The bazaar day on Monday at Kalagi has been canceled to take precautionary measures and a fine will be imposed on those without masks.

The Deputy Commissioner of Kalaburagi told the media that they suspect contamination of samples in the laboratory or during collection. Meanwhile, all the primary and secondary contacts have been quarantined.

However, in KR Puram's government high school at B Narayanapuram in Bengaluru, 7 students of Class 10 were tested positive and have been shifted to the hospital.

Earlier, two teachers had complained of Covid-19 like symptoms and got themselves tested in the hospital, the reports for which came out to be positive. Later, all 213 students of Classes 8, 9, and 10 along with other teachers and staff took the Covid test.

As per the test results, 7 students were tested positive. Meanwhile, the school premises have been sanitised and a holiday has been declared for the next seven days.

However, students of both schools were asymptomatic.

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