In an effort to reskill millions of job seekers, Google has announced new initiatives for enhancing their careers in the technology field. The new initiatives including enrollment of job seekers with the latest career certifications, expanding employer consortium, and introduction of new tools to improve job search will help them in polishing their skills and tracking jobs.

Google Offers Career Certificates For Job Seekers

The tech giant Google is offering career certificates in the fields of User Experience Design (UX), Data Analytics, Project Management, Android Development, and IT Support.

CEO of Google and Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, announced a new Associate Android Developer Certification that will prepare learners for entry-level jobs in Android Development. By 2025, the US market will open up to 1.3 million jobs in these fields.

"We are planning to sponsor 100,000 scholarships to be distributed through non-profits and workforce development boards for the career certifications in Europe, Africa, and Middle East," added Pichai.

The users can enrol themselves in the below Google Career Certificates:

  • Data Analyst: The Data Analysts by using tools and platforms can learn analysing data, process, gain insights, and visualise the data.
  • Project Manager: The Project Manager can get insight into the foundation of traditional management and can learn about the agile project management techniques.
  • UX Designer: Learn the basics of UX along with wireframes, designs, testings, and building low-fidelity prototypes.
  • Android Developer: Get a better understanding to start the career and entering the market.
  • IT Specialist: Troubleshooting the problems and ensuring smooth working of networks and computers.

The Graduates can directly share their resume to the companies like Verizon, Anthem, Deloitte, Infosys, Walmart, Accenture, etc. including Fortune 1000 companies. The Google Career Certificates is considered to be the largest upskill program for employers to enhance the workforce quality.

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