Executive – Sales & Marketing (2-4 yrs) Mumbai (Sales Management) | Jobs in India |
Executive – Sales & Marketing (2-4 yrs) Mumbai (Sales Management) | Jobs in India |
Job title: Executive - Sales & Marketing (2-4 yrs) Mumbai (Sales Management)
Expected salary
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Location New Delhi, Delhi
Job date Mon, 01 Feb 2021 23:30:30 GMT

Job description: Dijji is a digital solutions company that provides end to end solutions to our clients for all their Business Needs, from ideation to product development to market strategy, we do it all - with a small team of efficient workers. - We are looking for a junior/entry-level marketing person who can help with various marketing efforts (mainly offline marketing and a few sales) and develop some skills at the same time as we launch two companies in India for the very first time.- It is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and knowledge about what it takes to turn a vision into a real-life business. What are we looking as our ideal candidate :- Be proficient in English- Confident- Will have a go-getter attitude- Have the willingness to learn- Problem-solving attitude- Ready for a challengeHere's why you should apply :- A small team means a lot of exchange of information and a wonderful learning opportunity as you'll get to learn exactly what each of us does (and possibly what role you'd like to assume in the future)- We work out of a co-working space which is great for meeting people in other companies/ industries- Our work involves Ideation, problem-solving, being a resourceful, independent worker.- We talk a lot about apps, innovations, tech news - you will get great exposure to all of this.- You are a confident, bright and eager person, interested in taking on the role of an all-rounder.Don't worry about what you already know - we will help you figure it all out! (ref:updazz.com)


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