Drishtee – Lead – Sales & Marketing (8-10 yrs) Bhubaneshwar (Sales Management) | Jobs in India |
Drishtee – Lead – Sales & Marketing (8-10 yrs) Bhubaneshwar (Sales Management) | Jobs in India |
Job title: Drishtee - Lead - Sales & Marketing (8-10 yrs) Bhubaneshwar (Sales Management)
Expected salary
Location Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Location New Delhi, Delhi
Job date Sat, 12 Dec 2020 08:15:36 GMT

Job description: Identification and shortlisting of Sarthis (Master Franchisees) as per a template provided by the Area team. The Sales and Marketing (SnM) lead has to expand in pre identified geographies the model of Drishtee by appointing appropriate Sarthis who fulfill the required conditions in line with Drishtee's business, values and vision. The final selection of a Sarthi out of the shortlisted candidates would be undertaken by AMD(Operations Head).- Training and handholding of the selected Sarthi to ensure that their business kick starts and is able to cross all the basic hurdles. During this training and handholding phase, the SnM lead should also do a deeper due diligence of Sarthi to ensure long term perseverance and commitment.- Providing continuous service and operational support to the Sarthis in form of coordination with other Regional Headquarters(RHQ) verticals such as Brand Marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship and Management), Supply Chain Management and Capacity Building. Training of their team members and coordination with external partners would also form a part of this responsibility.- Market assessment and supporting the RHQ team in planning the product portfolio, building supply chain network and allocating marketing activities, setting goals and ensuring the long term viability of each location. (ref:updazz.com)


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