Current Affairs | Release Date 2021-04-05 18:10:38
Current Affairs | Release Date 2021-04-05 18:10:38

• India’s largest floating solar power plant will be built in Ramagundam, Telangana. The solar power plant has a capacity of 100 megawatts. It is expected to open in May 2021. The solar power plant is being built in the reservoir of Ramagundam Thermal Power Plant. The solar power plant will be built on 450 acres of the reservoir.

• The General Assembly announced on December 8, 2005 that April 4 each year will be officially declared as “International Mine Propaganda and Mine Action Day.” Today, people recognize the threat of landmines to the safety, health and lives of civilians, and encourage state governments to formulate demining programs.

• The central government announced that April 14 is the birthday of Dr. BR Ambedkar as a public holiday. Dr. BR Ambedkar is the sculptor of the Constitution of India, and the country already celebrates his birthday with Ambedkar Jayanti’s birthday every year. The government has announced that starting from April 14 this year, it will be declared a public holiday.

• International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) has been held every year on April 2 by the International Non-profit Organization International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) since 1967 to inspire people’s love for reading and arouse people’s attention to children’s books.

• The government of Maharashtra State announced the establishment of an area in the Amboli region of the Ghats in the western Ghats of Sindhudurg region, where a rare freshwater fish has been discovered as a heritage of biodiversity. Tejas Thackeray, the son of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, is a wildlife researcher.

• Russian scientists launched one of the world’s largest underwater neutrino telescopes called Baikal-GVD (Gigaton volume detector) in the waters of Lake Baikal, the deepest Siberian lake in the world. Together with IceCube in the South Pole and ANTARES in the Mediterranean, it is one of the three largest neutrino detectors in the world.

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