IT services giant Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. has launched a programme for technology professionals who are looking to restart their careers after a break. The programme aims to offer a 12-week paid experience for professionals and is a way to get diverse talent in the door, irrespective of their last professional role.

According to Cognizant India Chairman and Managing Director Rajesh Nambiar, "A break in a career can offer a chance to reflect, discover areas of focus, and return stronger to the next phase with a restored purpose. Numerous capable professionals looking to return to the workforce are mostly women, and Cognizant's returnship programme includes women taking on engineering management roles in digital engineering practice."

Cognizant's "Returnship Programme" is focused around giving returners a supportive environment and access to upskilling, training, mentorship, and different resources. They will work with cutting-edge technology along with the possibility of an offer of a full-time position at Cognizant.

Also, Cognizant has established a women-focused employment and retention goal for organisation leaders, making it part of the formal yearly performance rating process. Of the company's total workforce, women employees form around 38 percent in India and nearly 45 percent in tier-2 cities.

"Cognizant keeping a focus on accelerating gender diversity, has promised to place 1000 high-performing women in leadership roles by 2021," said Nambiar.

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