The British Council, the United Kingdom's international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations, has launched a scholarship programme benefitting women from the Americas, South Asia and South East Asia. The scholarship will provide financial support to women who are aspiring to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) in the United Kingdom. A total of 100 women from India and 19 other countries will be eligible to obtain their advanced degrees through the scholarship.

Citizens of the eligible countries in the Americas, South Asia and East Asia. Aspirants should take up a full-time course of study in the UK for the academic year from Sept/Oct 2021 - 2022. One should have an undergraduate degree. Enthusiasts are advised to refer to the official website of the British Council for more details.

The official site reads, "This scholarship programme aims to increase opportunities in STEM for girls and women. According to data from the UN Scientific Education and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), fewer than 30 percent of researchers worldwide are women and only 30 percent of female students select STEM-related fields in higher education."

It also reads, "Globally, female students' enrolment is particularly low in Information and Communications Technology (three percent), natural science, mathematics and statistics (five percent), and engineering, manufacturing and construction (eight percent)."

The applications Should be made directly to the participating universities and will be available in early January 2021.


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