Android Support Engineer | Jobs in India |
Android Support Engineer | Jobs in India |
Job title: Android Support Engineer
Expected salary
Location India
Location New Delhi, Delhi
Job date Sat, 13 Mar 2021 07:53:26 GMT

Job description: We are looking for an Android Support Maintenance Engineer who will be responsible for providing technical support for mobile platforms and excellent experience to our customers, who can assist clients with product issues and help to maintain a high customer retention level. You will be an essential contributor in supporting and delivering quality to our clients.

Company Info
We are a team of young, passionate, highly experienced and creative Jedi Warriors dissatisfied with how little our peers and competitors explore the promises and mysteries of the digital world. We are adventurers, coders, entrepreneurs and designers exploring the possibilities of a brave new world. We re armed with ideas, laptops, smartphones, donuts, light sabers, and laser guns. But don t worry, we only use them on gnarly software bugs.

Based out of Pune, Gurugram and Hyderabad, ProMobi Technologies is an emerging SaaS products company in India. We are a bunch of ambitious folks, who are set out to make a dent in the universe by building cutting-edge products that solve real business problems. Our focus has always been to create an enjoyable, intuitive, engaging and remarkable experience for people that`s what sets us apart from everyone else. We never settle or compromise and we re constantly trying to see how we can do better and do more. It s in our DNA to always over-deliver and surpass expectations. Mediocrity is not an option.


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