Android Framework Developer, Principal | Jobs in India | Zebra
Android Framework Developer, Principal | Jobs in India | Zebra
Job title: Android Framework Developer, Principal
Company: Zebra
Expected salary
Location Bangalore, Karnataka
Location New Delhi, Delhi
Job date Tue, 09 Mar 2021 23:07:25 GMT

Job description: Zebra Technologies is looking for Architects for Android platform development who have strong knowledge of Android internals, Android SDK, NDK, Linux Kernel and System programming. As an Android Architect you will be playing a pivotal role in making Android platform enterprise grade. You would work with scrum teams using agile technical best practices right from defining Epics, stories to developing and delivering high quality robust Android platform using lean agile development approach. You would be responsible for design and development of code which can be reusable assets. You would be collaborating with various stake holders including Product management, program management, cross functional scrum teams, System Test team etc. to discuss the features and solve issues affecting end user experience with a strict compliance to the schedule.


  • Understanding enterprise requirements by interacting with Product Managers and System Engineering
  • Drive architectural brainstorming sessions and lay out structure of the design
  • Design and architect solutions for the enterprise use cases
  • Define the technical requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Decompose the system requirements into Epics and Stories
  • Assist developers to translate the design to implementation
  • Assist in porting and integration of Android framework to new hardware platforms for Android smart phones.
  • Customize Android framework to suit mobile devices of various form factors.
  • Build BSP for new hardware platform.
  • Debug and resolve Android framework integration issues.
  • Debug and resolve BSP issues.
  • Optimize the performance of Android framework.
  • Active participation in the scrum meetings.
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Coordinate with geographically spread-out teams


  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the field of Mobile platform development.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the internals of Android framework.
  • Working experience in C, C++ or Core / Android Java programming, Android SDK, Android NDK.
  • Should have good knowledge and understanding of Android development, debugging tools
  • Should have good knowledge and understanding of Device Tree, Kernel/Framework interface, CTS failure analysis, GMS integration, system stability, peripheral modules, device drivers, etc.
  • Should have good knowledge and understanding of OS concepts use of threads/mailbox/semaphore/mutex, Linux Internals, Android Internals (Socket programming, process synchronization)
  • Experience in embedded system development, preferably Android Mobile platform.
  • Should have good knowledge and understanding of Android internals
  • Work experience in Qualcomm chipset
  • Experience in modification of Android framework code for customization


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